Are you investing in the community?
11/8/2018 11:45:28 AM

How are you investing in the community? At Mason Construction, Ltd. we believe that it is important to give back and add value where you operate. As a company we have the ability to do this and we encourage our employees to do the same.

One example of investing in the community and giving back is Heather Kugler. She is currently participate in the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce – Leadership Beaumont program. This program is the oldest community leadership program in the state of Texas and was introduced to the area by the Junior League of Beaumont. According to the program website, their mission is "to identify, cultivate and develop leaders who will serve and positively impact our community.” This nine-month program brings together community and business leaders to engage in activities focused on the development and continual improvement of Beaumont.

Also, according to the website, Leadership Beaumont seeks to:

  • Identify men and women who have demonstrated leadership qualities and concern for the Beaumont area’s future.
  • Provide a systematic program for making participants more aware of the community’s opportunities, needs, problems and resources.
  • Open lines of communication and strengthen existing relationships with participants from various segments of the community and with existing community leaders.
  • Encourage participants to broaden their involvement in community affairs by matching their skills and interests to existing needs.
  • Explore various concepts of leadership and ways to become a more effective leader.

We have many Mason Construction, Ltd. employees who participated in the program and support alumni activities along with other projects at the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. A few of those include: Bobby Chapman, Kelly Ensinger, and Tina Marshall. Kelly even served on the Leadership Beaumont Steering Committee after he graduated from the program. It is great to see so many people eager to give back to the community and focus on the improvement of our area.

Our employees are giving back in other ways across the area. Hillary Delarosa volunteers at the Humane Society of Southeast Texas. This organization is a nonprofit charity "supported entirely by voluntary donations and dedicated to the promotion of animal welfare throughout Southeast Texas,” according to their Facebook page. They facilitate adoptions, humane education, information services, lost and found services, pet-facilitated therapy, legislative activities, and volunteer programs. They also assist our area with animal population control by spaying and neutering animals that come through their facility. Whether you are looking to adopt a pet or interested in volunteering, this is an organization that does a lot for our area.

Next week, we will highlight other areas in which our employees give back. There are more than we can count and may be more than we even know about, and we love that! We are proud to support various areas in our community whenever possible, which is a passion that has been instilled in our company culture from the beginning.

Heather is pictured center (in the black shirt) participating in a 2018-2019 Leadership Beaumont program night.

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