Cold Weather Safety
1/4/2019 2:38:24 PM

Chilly weather is in Southeast Texas this week and forecasted into next week too. While we do not usually have to worry about extreme temperatures, it is important to keep weather conditions in mind when working outside. It is easy to forget the weather and arrive at a job site unprepared.

Here are some tips for working in cold weather from Safety Line:

  • Stay well nourished by eating and drinking enough – We can forget to stay hydrated while working in cold weather. However, did you know it is easier to become dehydrated in cold weather? Remember to drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches, and other symptoms. It is important to stay alert on the job site.
  • Stay well rested – Make sure you are getting enough rest to be on the job. Unusual weather conditions can be dangerous and it is important to be alert.
  • Plan breaks from the cold – Similar to drinking water, it can be hard to remember to take breaks. Though you are not getting overheated, it is still important to take a break indoors and out of the weather. It can also give you a chance to "avoid numbness and shivers.”
  • Stay dry – Wet clothes are more dangerous in cold weather. If it is raining, make sure you have warm, water proof outerwear for such conditions. If you are going to be working outside for an extended period of time, consider packing a change of clothes.
  • Dress for the conditions – Layers are key! Dressing in layers helps "you to adjust to changing temperatures.” Certain clothing items helps keep you warm such as hats, clothes, and scarves or some other type of neck covering. Layers is especially important in Southeast Texas where the temperatures can changes drastically from the beginning of the day to the evening.
  • Keep a cold weather safety kit in your vehicle – If you are going to be traveling, keep a cold weather kit in your car for the area. Some items like an emergency blanket, candles, and matches can be useful. The location makes a big difference as to what a vehicle kit should include.

As always, stay safe no matter the weather condition. Check ahead of time and prepare for the situation. It is always easier to be over prepared versus under-prepared.

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