Holiday Fire Safety
12/8/2017 2:44:30 PM

'Tis the season to decorate the house in festive lights, Christmas trees, and candles. It is also the season when fire departments see an increase in home fires with more flammable items around the home. What could cause a fire in your home?

Space heaters – many people have a space heater in their home or office for these cold months. Whether you have a portable heater or one that is fixed in the wall, it is important to keep it clear from other items. Do not use a space heater to hang towels, keep it a safe distance from furniture, curtains, and other flammable items. When you are not in the room, make sure to turn them off and unplug from the outlet. If your heater is a permanent fixture in your home, consider getting it inspected once a year to ensure it is working properly.

Holiday lights on the tree and home – most people have put up their Christmas tree and hung lights on their home to create the festive look. While you are preparing to hang the lights it is important to inspect them for frayed wires, make sure you are using the proper type of lights for the area, and do not leave lights on overnight or when you are away from home. Make sure you are using outside lights for the outside of you home and inside lights for the tree and other inside decorations.

Do not overload and outlet or extension cord – with extra holiday decorations it can be tempted to utilize multiple plugs into an outlet. Avoid overloading an outlet by spreading out your decorations. Also, be sure to review the purpose of the cord you are using and follow manufacturer instructions. If you load too many plugs into an extension cord or onto one outlet, it can overheat the element and cause a fire.

Be aware of children and matches – schools are about to be letting out for the holidays and kids will be looking for ways to entertain themselves. Keep matches and lighters away from children. Teach them about fire safety do not leave children unattended around things that are burning, such as candles or fireplaces.

Do not let a fire derail your holiday season. Practice safety when dealing with any kind of flammable items that could cause a fire. Talk to your kids about the importance of fire safety and how to exit the house if needed.

One Team. One Vision. One Goal. – Everyone Goes Home Safe!


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