How to Approach a Job Fair
9/7/2018 3:45:46 PM

Next week we will be holding an in-house job fair at Mason Construction, Ltd! We have an immediate need for experienced industrial carpenters, heavy equipment operators, cement finishers, and surveyors, recruiters will be hiring on the spot for work at ExxonMobil Beaumont Refinery. If you are interested in a career in construction with long term potential, competitive pay, benefits, and a family atmosphere, apply, interview and get hired all in one day.

Job fair details:

Dates: Wednesday, September 12th and Thursday, September 13th

Time: 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Location: Mason Construction, Ltd. Beaumont office located at: 6285 Walden Road, Beaumont

What to bring:

  • Driver license or state issued ID
  • Social security card
  • I-S-T-C or certifications
  • N-C-C-E-R preferred
Other notes: qualified candidates must pass DISA drug screen, background and pre-employment physical. We proudly hire veterans!

Whether you come to our office next week or are pursuing work else where, it is important to think about the company and jobs you are applying for before walking into a job fair. Here are some tips that can help you succeed in a job fair and put the best foot forward.


Do some research about the company you want to work with. Check out their website and take a look at their social media platforms, if they are on social media. You do not have to know every detail of a business to succeed at a job fair, however, having some idea of what a company does goes a long way in beginning a conversation with a recruiter. If you find something interested on their website or social media posts, that can be a great starting point to discuss what is important to the company and to you.

If you are attending a larger job fair with multiple companies, take a look at the list beforehand. Map out companies you want to visit with so you know where their table is located. Then, take time to look at those companies and get a sense of what they do. After you visit with them, you can always branch out to organizations you are less familiar with.


Be sure to check the suggested materials to bring to a job fair. This often includes a resume, state issued ID, and other required certifications for your field. It is important to have enough copies for the companies you plan to visit and a few extras, just in case. There are various templates online for building a new resume, one that is easy to understand and includes your contact information is usually recommended. For our job fair next week at Mason Construction, Ltd., we do not require a resume but they are always welcome.

Arrive in a timely manner:

For traditional job fairs with different businesses and industries, arriving early can give you the advantage to talk to companies first. Recruits can be fresh, early in the process, and easier to communicate with. Arriving early may not be as vital for smaller job fairs, however, you want to arrive with plenty of time left in the fair to visit with companies.


Practice making eye contact and a firm handshake with family and friends before going to a job fair. Recruiters are at the event to meet you and other job seekers, so feel confident in making the introduction and exploring the job opportunities. Additionally, practice a quick introduction for your self and what type of position you are looking for with the skills are possess. Asking questions about the company, job, and career path is a great way to start a conversation and determine if the opportunity is a good fit.


Sending a thank you note is always a great way to leave a positive impression. Even if you do not get the job you applied for or are interested in, leaving a good relationship intact can open opportunities later on. Take some notes about your conversation with recruiters and mention something specific, if you can, in a follow-up thank you note. This helps remind the recruiter of who you are and your interest in a position while they have been visiting with so many people.

As always, this is not an exhaustive list of things to do or actions to take. Preparation and practice go a long way in daily tasks and in succeeding at a job fair, therefore, take the time to put your best foot forward. Best of luck as you continue to develop your career!

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