Memorial Day Safety
5/26/2017 10:51:51 AM

You can feel it in the air, the end of the school year, summer is around the corner, and for some people summer vacations are too. Memorial Day weekend is often the start of summer activities and a time to celebrate with family and friends. As you head into the long weekend, keep in mind some safety tips for activities you may enjoy this summer.


Many people are getting the grill out and preparing for a cookout. As with any type of cooking, remember to practice safety around hot surfaces. Especially if you have young children around while cooking.

The American Safety Council offers these tips for grilling and fire safety:

  • It is very important that a lit or hot grill is never left unattended; a responsible adult should stand guard as "grillmaster” to control flames and keep children and animals away from hot surfaces.
  • Keep [the grill] clean of grease, inspect propane fuel lines, and position your grill away from structures, trees and high-traffic walkways.
  • You should also take any precautions in case a flare-up or fire were to occur; keep an extinguisher nearby and make sure to know how to cut off fuel lines if you are using propane.


When you are having a large group over for barbecues or picnics, food safety is also important for keeping everyone healthy and happy. It is easy to forget food left on the counter with many fun activities going on. Do not forget about leftover and store them properly.

American Safety Council says:

  • Make sure to take safe food preparation precautions and avoid cross-contamination with plenty of hand washing.
  • Take steps to keep foods at safe temperatures; cold foods should be kept on ice or refrigerated and left out no longer than an hour, and warm foods should be kept heated to at least 140°F until served.
  • Keep all outdoor buffet dishes covered and try to keep insects from depositing germs onto your delicious meal.
  • If you do end up with any sort of digestion problems after a barbecue, stay hydrated and seek medical assistance if you experience serious symptoms.


As the weather is warming up, families are enjoying the sunshine. Remember to use sunscreen with an appropriate SPF for the activities you are doing. And do not forget to reapply! If you are enjoying water sports, keep that sunscreen handy so you can reapply when taking breaks. And always keep plenty of water on hand to help stay hydrated.


According to the American Safety Council, "tens of millions of Americans travel during Memorial Day Weekend.” If you are one of those people, keep in mind car and driving safety. Plan ahead to allow for safe roads and account for traffic time. Also, check the weather forecast in case there are unexpected conditions ahead.


One Team. One Vision. One Goal. – Everyone Goes Home Safe!


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