National Safety Month 2019: Week 2
6/14/2019 5:24:11 PM

The second week of National Safety Month surrounds a topic that is just as relevant for the home as for the workplace: Slips, Trips and Falls. Some of the most common injuries from these types of accidents. How do you prevent them at work and at home?

Most slips and trips come from unexpected occurrences where you loose balance or your feet come into contact with an unusual surface. Footwear often has an impact when walking and can be a common factor in workplace accidents. Also, wet surfaces or loose materials such as rugs and mats can cause one to lose stability. Poor lighting, electrical cables, and uneven surfaces can also cause trips in the workplace and at home.

The Safety and Health Magazine offer these tips for avoiding slips and trips:

Practice good housekeeping

Following good housekeeping procedures will help reduce slips and trips. Housekeeping tips from CCOHS include:

  • Keep floors mopped and debris swept up.
  • Remove obstacles and clutter from walkways and stairways.
  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Secure mats, rugs and carpets that don’t lay flat.
  • Keep file cabinet or storage drawers closed.
  • Cover cables that cross walkways.
  • Keep working areas and paths well-lit.

Wearing the correct footwear is another way to help prevent slips and trips. CCOHS advises consulting with footwear manufacturers to find the right shoe or boot for the job.

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