National Safety Month: Prioritize Your Wellness
6/15/2018 12:05:23 PM

National Safety Month continues with a focus on health and wellness this week. Thinking about our health is often moved to the bottom of our priority list. Instead of looking at our overall wellness as an optional task, if we have time, we should see it as a necessity each day. When we focus on our health and wellbeing, we are able to perform at our highest level for our employers, employees, family, and friends.

We all hear about how important exercise and healthy eating is. Even a short amount of exercise each day and small steps to improving our eating habits can be beneficial. Lately, we have heard more about the importance of getting a good night’s rest. Everyone is stretched more and more in their work and personal life; it can be easy to skip out on sleep. And with so many devices and information available at our finger tips, those things can make it harder for us to fall to sleep and get quality rest.

According to the National Safety Council, fatigue can be "more than just being tired.” And if you are not getting a good amount of sleep, you can be sleep deprived. Some negative effects include "depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease and other illnesses.” Fatigue driving is even as bad as driving impaired. They provide some ideas to help with sleep quality:

  • if possible, work with your employer to align your sleep and work schedules to get restful sleep
  • make your bedroom more conducive to sleep; a quiet, dark room that is not too hot and not too cold will help you relax and get to sleep sooner
  • avoid chemicals that affect sleep; caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can all contribute to sleep problems
  • help your loved ones get the proper amount of sleep – children and teens typically require even more sleep than adults

There may be periods where you lack sleep and just have to rely on that second cup of coffee in the morning. But working to improve the amount and quality of your sleep can improve your overall health. Wishing you all a restful night of sleep.

One Team. One Vision. One Goal. – Everyone Goes Home Safe!

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