Safety & Quality

Safety and quality have always been top priorities at Mason Construction. We believe that safety and quality go hand in hand as it is impossible to have one without the other.

In the area of quality, we have instituted a quality control program that helps to ensure the highest level of excellence in every service that we provide as well as the finished products we bring to our clients.

Safety committeeWhen it comes to safety, we are truly committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees, our clients and all personnel at every job site where our company operates. This is proven by the fact that our safety program is consistently rated as outstanding in the Southeast Texas petrochemical industry.

The safety program at Mason Construction is based on the OSHA VPP program, which includes an in-depth evaluation of safety and health procedures, field audits and field employee interviews all designed to confirm that we actually implement our procedures in the field.

The success of our safety program is also evidenced by the long list of safety awards that our company has received over the years. You can view a full list of these awards by clicking here.



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